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Rashmi Airan, Ethics Keynote Speaker and Consultant

Rashmi Airan is an ethics trailblazer, spreading her message that our relationships and connections empower us to overcome extreme adversities in life. In Rashmi’s case, to live with remorse but not let it define her. Rashmi, ethics keynote speaker and consultant, tells her powerful story to deliver game-changing messages to universities, law firms, corporate teams, and trade associations around the United States. She invokes her personal experiences and ethical thought leadership to discuss ethical issues in business, inspire change in how we view success, and to enhance our decision-making to flourish ethically.

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My Speaking Engagements

FIU Department of Education
Miami, FL

University of Miami Law School
Miami, FL

Columbia Law School
New York City, NY

University of Miami Law School
Miami, FL

NYU Law School
New York City, NY

Fordham Law School
New York City, NY

Washington, DC

Greenville, SC

SLAM School
Miami, FL

NYC Bar Association White Collar Crime Institute
New York City, NY

Novation Settlement Solutions
West Palm Beach, FL

Choice Legal Group
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Bilzin Sumberg
Miami, FL

SLAM School Keynote – Commencement Speech
Miami, FL

ABA Business Law Section

Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin
Miami, FL

ALFN ANSWERS Closing Keynote
Austin, TX

MGM Resort’s 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference
Las Vegas, NV
8/7/2017 & 8/8/2017

University of Miami Law School
Miami, FL

Sotheby’s International
New York City, NY

Five Star Conference
Dallas, TX

OFA Global Hedge Fund Compliance Conference
New York City, NY

HCCA Compliance
Las Vegas, NV

eMerge Americas
Miami, FL

NARCA Annual Convention
Austin, TX

Houston Bar Association Annual Meeting
Houston, TX

Colorado Bar Association CLE
Vail, CO


University of Miami, School of Law
Kendall Coffey, Adjunct Professor
“I invited Ms. Airan-Pace to speak to my class in September 2016. The students in my class were fascinated by her story and cautionary tale. The class had one of the most attentive groups of students that I’ve had this year. I am confident that the discussion in class with Ms. Airan-Pace will be remembered by the students throughout their legal careers. Ms. Airan-Pace speaks from a place of remorse and truly has owned the wrong that she committed. I imagine that this is a very difficult subject for her to address because of her actions. However, she opens herself and shares her lessons for the benefit of others. I look forward to inviting her to speak again next year to my class.”

Columbia University, School of Law
John C. Coffee, Jr., Professor
“Because Ms. Airan was only a few years older than the law students she spoke to and because she graduated near the top of her class, her impact on the students was powerful and immediate. She showed the students how involvement in fairly ministerial activities (house closings) could result in criminal liability. I think her presentation gave students an entirely unique, more nuanced and certainly more vivid sense of how seemingly normal professional practice can cross the line over into fraud. She made a very valuable contribution to the students’ education that others cannot duplicate.”

Silent Victims of Crime
Paulette Pfeiffer, Executive Director
“I had the opportunity to invite Ms. Airan-Pace to a college class at Florida International University in September 2016. Speaking about your failures in front of complete strangers must be difficult. Rashmi is strong and dedicated to making an impact. She is a unique woman with the courage to talk about her shameful experience with openness with the sole purpose of helping guide people to make better choices than she did. Her only goal was to share her story with the students to guide them with her cautionary tale on how to live their lives making the right choices.”

University of Miami, School of Law
Michele DeStefano, Professor
“I am a big believer that repeated exposure to the ethical contours of legal practice (rules, obligations, risks, and aspirations) yield a more careful and serious consideration of the vows we make when we enter the profession.  In sharing her story, Ms. Airan-Pace is helping make a difference and helping to favorably shift the ethics paradigm in the legal profession.”

Choice Legal Group, P.A.
Ari Miller, Managing Partner
“What an amazing and incredible story.  I am so grateful for Rashmi sharing her story and life lessons with our attorneys.  I highly recommend every firm bring Rashmi in to help ensure young attorneys always ask the important and hard questions and put their careers and family first.  Thank you Rashmi for sharing your story with us.”

Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP
Scott L. Baena, Attorney at Law
“Rashmi’s gripping presentation to more than 50 of our lawyers transformed the subject of professional responsibility from a textbook experience to a compelling human drama with real life consequences. It was eye opening and gut wrenching, and Rashmi’s willingness to share the lowest moment in her professional life and her take-aways was a real tribute to her character.”

2017 MGM Women’s Leadership Conference Audience Testimonial
Joi K. Holliday
“I was approaching a point in my career, and personal life where the stress, desire, and need to come from under the weeds financially and stay afloat mentally began to trouble my mind. My job sent me to the MGM Women’s Leadership conference and I told myself before making any life changing moves I was going to allow strong women to mentor my spirit. I attended a session titled She Is Me in which one of the co facilitators was Rashmi Airan. Through her sincere desire to make sure women across the nation don’t make continuous ethics mistakes, my life took a 180 degree turn. She opened my eyes to be aware of the things that are bothering me internally as they can impact the decisions I make at work and ultimately change my life forever. I accept me as the woman I am because of her strength in sharing her story. I push through my hard times, I swarm every scene with questions, I never assume anything is beneath me, and I will forever accept any woman that comes across me because she is me! Rashmi’s articulation of her story became breath taking and life changing as I opened my heart to allow her to steer me back in the right direction. I can never forget her vulnerability and her encouragement of me to be vulnerable and still remain strong as a woman in the workplace. I thank you constantly for her courage, compassion, and determination to change the decisions women make in the workplace. Rashmi is me and I am her.”