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The Importance of Mentors

This week I want to talk about mentors. I do a lot of work with students, both at the college level and graduate level in business and law schools. I also work with young professionals in corporations…

December 22, 2020

Danger is Real but Fear is a Choice

I was recently introduced to a movie by Will Smith called After Earth, essentially about the world ending. There’s a line in the movie that Will Smith says that says “danger is real but fe…

December 16, 2020

Protect Others Over Ego

I want to talk about something that I think is really powerful. It’s about empathy. There’s this concept of “are you going to choose to protect someone else, other people, or are you…

December 9, 2020

Living in Shame

Do you share your shame? Some of you have maybe heard me share my story about my grandfather, Banarsi Das Saraf who was a freedom fighter during the Quit movement in India. He fought alongside Mahatma…

December 2, 2020

Ethics: Doing it for the Right Reasons

  Hi everyone. So this week I’ve been watching a new documentary series on Netflix called, the Bad Boy Billionaire: India. It’s about Rogers and India. So very, very wealthy people in…

November 25, 2020

Third Party Risk

I recently received a question about 3rd party risk and vendor risk. Many of you work for large corporations doing business in many different countries with different cultures and laws. There are a lo…

November 18, 2020

What is Accountability?

I want to talk about what is Accountability? I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion with a gentleman named Sam Silverstein at Converge forum. He was speaking on and has been speakin…

November 4, 2020

Mindfulness and Ethics

Let’s talk about mindfulness and how it relates to ethics and leadership and how we live our life. I remember when my kids were little, I used to not be mindful. I was always worried about payro…

October 28, 2020