Combat Human Trafficking

This month is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month where I am dedicating time to shed light on the pervasive issue of human trafficking and its profound impact on millions worldwide. This atrocious crime transcends demographics, affecting adults, children, men, women, foreign nationals, and U.S. citizens across various economic classes. Throughout this month, organizations are holding […]

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The beauty of giving, especially during the holidays, is something that touches hearts and creates a ripple of joy and positivity. This week, I once again got to experience this incredible feeling through my daughter, Maya Pace.  Maya founded the non-profit, GIFTS – Good for Inmates Families to Share while I was incarcerated because she […]

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Rosalynn Carter’s Legacy on Mental Health

Today I honor the life of Rosalynn Carter and her groundbreaking work in the mental health space. First Lady Carter served her country with strength and grace. In an era where mental illness was a taboo topic and the stigma was severe, Rosalynn Carter intentionally used the platform of her position to make a difference. […]

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What is a True Friend?

What is a true friend? Matthew Perry’s sudden passing has sparked me to reflect on the truth that authenticity and vulnerability creates a true friendship. When we act with sincerity and genuine interest in others, we create lifelong relationships.

And, we must…ignore those others that are simply there for a ride or get something from us. Those people were never friends.

Thank you Friends cast for always reminding of this truth. Rest in power Matthew.

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Is Ted Lasso a Servant Leader?

Do you miss the quirky, charming and lovable Ted Lasso like I do?  During the pandemic, my teenage kids and I binge watched Season 1 of Ted Lasso and we were all hooked immediately. I anxiously waited for Season 2 and then Season 3. To say that I miss the show, the British cultural references, […]

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Let’s Talk About Failure

Let’s talk about failure. Failure is this word that historically has grown to mean lots of different things. For me, failure was wrapped up in a lot of bad. If I got a bad grade, a B or C, that was failure. If I didn’t get into the right school, that was failure. If I […]

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Danger is Real but Fear is a Choice

I was recently introduced to a movie by Will Smith called After Earth, essentially about the world ending. There’s a line in the movie that Will Smith says that says “danger is real but fear is a choice.” This statement, if we tell ourselves when we face fear, we are all going to face these […]

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Third Party Risk


I recently received a question about 3rd party risk and vendor risk. Many of you work for large corporations doing business in many different countries with different cultures and laws. There are a lot of issues with vetting vendors so that they are passing the cultural tests and ethics tests. How do we know that […]

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Building Roots Like The Mangroves

In Miami we have these things called mangroves and near my house there is this very complicated and complex mangrove. An entire park essentially where there are some roads and a beach area and the marina. Mangroves have a very complicated root system. What I found fascinating about mangroves is that we as individuals can […]

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