Moral Awareness

  January 6 was an unusual day. January 6 was a day we’ve never seen or thought we’ve seen in our country. Our country of democracy and freedom. When the settlers first came and set up our constitution and wrote it, the idea of fanning the flame over lies would never have been supported by […]

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Ethics: Doing it for the Right Reasons


  Hi everyone. So this week I’ve been watching a new documentary series on Netflix called, the Bad Boy Billionaire: India. It’s about Rogers and India. So very, very wealthy people in India that have unfortunately made some bad choices or ultimately done things that were either fraudulent or wrong. So yesterday I was watching […]

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Mindfulness and Ethics

Let’s talk about mindfulness and how it relates to ethics and leadership and how we live our life. I remember when my kids were little, I used to not be mindful. I was always worried about payroll and taking care of my staff, getting to the next client, and meeting my client’s demands, or trying […]

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Ethics and DEI Policy (Diversity, Ethics, and Inclusion)

I recently participated in the annual panel discussion of the Explorers conference. With me was Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, the wife of former representative Elijah Cummings. She was amazing, we all had a really important and relevant conversation of ethics and DE&I, diversity, ethics and inclusion policies with organizations, institutions, universities, and within government. We talked […]

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Is wearing a mask an ethical decision?

Is wearing a mask an ethical decision? Pretty much all of the world there is some level of a mask requirement. I live in Florida and there’s a mandatory mask order for the entire city of Miami. If you are working out at the gym you have to wear a mask. If you are anywhere […]

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How Ethics is Like Fitness


How do you constantly keep ethics at the forefront of conversation within a corporation? I really believe ethics is like a fitness routine. Many of you know, that I am committed to a daily workout regimen. I mix it up every day. I am an avid runner and cyclist, uh, as well as lots of […]

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