January 18, 2024

Combat Human Trafficking

This month is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month where I am dedicating time to shed light on the pervasive issue of human trafficking and its profound impact on millions worldwide. This atrocious crime transcends demographics, affecting adults, children, men, women, foreign nationals, and U.S. citizens across various economic classes. Throughout this month, organizations are holding seminars, educational sessions and wearing blue to recommit to eradicating these predatory crimes both domestically and globally.

Last week, I helped plan an event with my friends in the South Florida Chapter of MPI (Meeting Professional International) on Human Trafficking. A representative from law enforcement along with Rashada Campbell from Girl Power Rocks, an entity dedicated to helping young adults 11-17 who are victims of human trafficking answered questions facilitated by Tracy Wallach, past President of the MPI chapter. The evening opened my eyes to the breadth of this awful crime that inflicts people everywhere. I learned that it is every person’s duty to speak up, question, and help if we sense even the smallest thing that seems off.  It is better to be safe and step in rather than look away.

Human trafficking poses a colossal threat to global security, public safety, and human dignity. Over 27 million people worldwide endure the heinous abuse of trafficking, with thousands affected in the United States alone. This crime generates an estimated $99 billion annually from sex trafficking and $51 billion from forced labor.

Leaders bear a crucial responsibility in combating human trafficking through awareness, connections, and empowerment on both national and global scales. During National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, leaders can combat the crime by these steps.

  • Educate themselves and others: Learn the signs of trafficking and disseminate information within their communities.
  • Collaborate across sectors: Forge partnerships with businesses, government agencies, and non-profits to develop effective strategies against human trafficking.
  • Prioritize humanity: Keep humanity at the forefront, acknowledging the resilience of survivors and the importance of safeguarding the dignity of every individual.
  • Share information about human trafficking within their networks and communities.
  • Advocate for policies and legislation targeting human trafficking and supporting victims.
  • Support survivors by raising awareness about available resources, such as the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month stands as a potent reminder of the imperative to combat human trafficking. Leaders, by raising awareness, building connections, and prioritizing humanity, can contribute significantly to the fight against human trafficking and foster a safer, more just world for all.

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