October 14, 2020

Having Covid Integrity When Sending Your Children to School

Today I wanted to talk about Covid, wearing masks, and whether or not people are ethically reporting their sickness; if they are reporting their results. My daughter returned to school 2 weeks ago live, my son is about to return to school next week. In this post, I discuss having Covid integrity when sending your children to school.

We as parents are asked to submit on a daily app whether or not our children are healthy. We have to take their temperature and answer a slew of questions. It occurred to me as I was filling this out for my daughter how easy it would be for an individual to just lie and not tell the truth, jeopardizing every single individual that he or she would have in contact with at school. That could be a teacher, a student, any administrative member, a coach, anybody in the school. I feel like these times are highly unusual. 2020 has been a bizarre year in so many ways. Covid has really presented an opportunity for so many of us to turn inward, reflect on what matters. There have been some challenges this year that I absolutely get past. I try to keep the memories of loved ones and reflect on “why are we here.”

As I think about my children returning to school and basically putting themselves at risk and putting our family at risk here at home. I think for those of us who have committed to ethics and doing the right thing, I would like for you to have these conversations with your family members. There are people out there that I understand are challenged because they have a job, don’t have child care, or any way to keep their child at home when they have to go to work. The easier, just check off the no boxes and send them off to school, or maybe not even check if their child is sick. The reality is we are faced with these decisions every single day. Covid has presented a challenge for many many people.

What I do believe is that those of us who are capable in doing the right thing when it comes to sending our children to school, we really have to. We cannot place the burden of infecting or affecting those who are around us who can be affected by our actions. This is such a good example of how 1 person’s actions can affect many people. Wearing masks is one way to prevent exposure and spread of Covid. In my daughter’s school, they are almost policing the children wearing their masks. The children are required to wear their masks at all times except during lunch. Where my daughter goes to school they have implemented very specific measures to protect the children. But there are always going to be a few bad apples in any organization that will try to break the rules. Let’s hope that those of us who are watching this and are cognizant of ethics and doing the right thing and making good decisions can implore those around us to wear masks, be honest and transparent how we feel, to report as necessary, to get checks and tests, to do all the proper measures it could take to protect ourselves and all of those around us.

Please stay safe during this unpresented 2020.

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