September 16, 2020

Having Resiliency and Overcoming Adversity


Hi everyone. So I live in Miami, Florida, and today I thought I’d talk a little bit about resiliency and overcoming adversity. Oftentimes I’m asked at the end of my talks, what’s your secret sauce to resiliency? How have you come out of this and the way that you’ve come out of it, smiling, standing up on stage sharing. So openly what’s what’s happened in your life. You know, and I, I happen to be blessed to live in Miami, where as you can see, boats are coming in, um, here at Mathison hammock park, which is like my happy place. Um, and you know, boats have these engines, right? That, that keep them going. Sometimes you have one engine. This boat that’s about to dock has three. It looks like, uh, and what I realized is just like boats have engines that keep them going and motor them up.

We all have that special heart inside of us to keep going. Okay. I’ve spoken at other times about meditation and how that so much has helped me in everything that I do, but truly in order to overcome adversity, I think we all have to build some core skills and that’s not rocket science, but it’s just a matter of really committing to, to building authentic relationships, to self care, to forgiveness of ourselves and of each other, to seeing the good in others, um, to ask for help, to seek guidance when we don’t know what to do to, to allow ourselves to be transparent, but we need it. Um, all of that really helps, uh, in overcoming adversity. For me, I would say one of the biggest things of course has been the people around me have given me so much support and love, but also I think just the ability to recognize that I’m not perfect.

This week is the 10th anniversary of Renee Browns, the gift of imperfection, the gifts of imperfection, the book, which was the first book I read when I was in prison. And I can tell you that that book changed my life because it taught me that I’m not perfect and it’s okay. And that it’s a gift to finally realize that and recognize that I’m just a human being. So overcoming adversity is something that we all will have to deal with in some way, for some reason, at some point in our lives, mine has, has happened in my forties. Sometimes people deal with it in their thirties, even their twenties. My kids have had to really face resiliency as teenagers, but we all have the capacity to grow out of it, to come out of it, stronger to rise from the ashes and prove to ourselves and to everybody else that we can do it. We can resurrect from whatever it is that we’ve gone through and keep going.

Are You Resilient? How Do You Overcome Adversity?

I hope you found my message helpful on possessing resiliency and overcoming adversity.

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