November 9, 2023

How do you find balance each day?

This week has been full of exciting opportunities, celebrations of Diwali, first-time experiences with my daughter, and innovative conversations with potential clients. Each day this week, I have worn a different hat and been completely entrenched, without continuing to worry about what wasn’t getting done. In fact, it has been an exhilarating week.

PHEW….is al I can say.

When I was younger, I struggled with finding balance. I held myself to such a high standard constantly that I wanted to perform 100% in each aspect of my life every single day. So, if I wanted to be at my kids’ play one day and didn’t complete my list of things to do at the office, I would be disappointed in myself.

One day, a mentor told me. “Rashmi, you can’t be the best mom and best professional and best friend every single day. You have to recognize that you are only one person.” It took me a while to truly understand this lesson.

I can only do the best I can in each moment by focusing and being present. I was able to give myself some comfort on a day when I am championing my kids and being the best mom I know how to be – I will likely not be spending time on my business or a client. I now know that this mentality is vital to my health and productivity and is the only way to excel at anything in the long run.

I believe this lesson translates directly to how we operate in our organizations. Our teams are composed of humans. Each person arrives to work with their own stresses, influences, pressures, anxieties and worries. Most of us haven’t yet figured out how to find that balance and so arrive at work not fully present. It is exactly in these moments that bad decisions are likely to happen.

When leaders begin to give space to their teams to have accountability partners, courageous conversations and permission to be vulnerable, I know that employees will find the opportunity to find balance. If we can offer understanding as leaders to the emotional reality of our teams, it will create long-term sustainability as people will feel heard and cared for. Leaders themselves also need to ensure that their role modeling exhibits a respect for balance. It is imperative so others will follow suit.

Finding balance between our personal and professional lives has no right answer. We each create our own formula. But, we must at least start with the underlying foundation to accept that balance is key for leadership and our teams that we work with.

How do you allow yourself freedom to find balance?

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