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“Rashmi Airan vulnerably delivers a game-changing message” 

Stories have the power to transport and transform us in a way that creates an everlasting impression. Recovering lawyer, entrepreneur, mother of two, cultural and fitness enthusiast, researcher and expert Rashmi Airan awakens each of us with a narrative that will shift the paradigm of any culture and activate all leaders to implement tangible leadership practices that will create long-term sustainable growth.


Unlocking the Six Truths to Intentional Awareness

Dharma Leadership - Unlocking the 6 Truths to Intentional Awareness

You may know others, but do you know yourself?

In today’s whirlwind of innovation, the relentless march of AI and technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Now, more than ever, we must focus on personal leadership through intentional awareness.

Rashmi will take you on an exhilarating journey into the heart of intentional awareness and its profound impact onleadership, connection, and community. She does this through riveting vulnerable stories, real-world examples, and years of research!

From corporate settings to digital frontiers, the influence of AI and technology is clear. It’s about finding that connection with others and yourself through awareness to create community and culture.

Join Rashmi today as she shares her Keynote: Dharma Leadership – and ignite the power of intentional leadership in sculpting a brighter tomorrow.

So, are you ready to know yourself?

• Learn how the six global truths of Dharma Leadership work together to provide a dynamic
leadership model
• Foster intentional awareness and personal leadership through a researched methodology
• Create long-term sustainability by implementing an effective decision-making process
• Cultivate the courage, vulnerability, and ability to have difficult and courageous conversations

Finding your Dharma Quotient

What is your DQ?

As kids we get tested on our intelligence level. We are told we have a certain IQ.

Our emotions dictate how we interact with others and so we now know our EQ.

But – what is the bridge?

We must know our DQ – when we have awareness of self and purpose, we can apply our intellect to our emotions and then impact others.

So…do you know your Dharma Quotient?

Adaptagility - Be an Overcomer

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Adaptagility - Be an Overcomer

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of today, the qualities of adaptability and agility are paramount for leaders seeking to thrive and excel. These leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges stemming from technological advancements, evolving customer expectations, changing environmental factors, the impact of globalization, and more. Whether an organization deals in products or services, its leaders must confront these ever-shifting challenges.

Adaptable and agile leaders are not only able to weather these challenges but also foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and the adoption of new trends. They possess the capacity to make swift decisions and take timely action, ensuring that their organizations remain competitive and responsive.

Rashmi introduces a remarkable formula for resilience that resonates with a broad audience of leaders. Every leader, at some point, will inevitably encounter unforeseen circumstances or crises. It is during these critical moments that the courage to adapt and exhibit agility becomes the defining factor in a leader’s ability to overcome challenges and transcend difficult situations. Rashmi’s proven techniques for building resiliency enable leaders to tap into their inner strength, emerging from adversity as conquerors, and ultimately, finding joy in their leadership roles.

However, it’s Rashmi’s deeply personal and heart-wrenching story that will resonate most powerfully with the audience. She will share her sister’s decades-long battle with mental illness and the tragic loss she and her family endured. Through her personal journey, Rashmi will shine a light on the importance of seeking support, fostering a resilient mindset, and recognizing the critical role leaders play in guiding their teams toward mental wellness.

Rashmi’s speech is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a call to action for leaders to prioritize mental wellness not only for themselves but for the teams they lead. Through her own experiences, she will illuminate the path to better mental health, enhanced well-being, and a more compassionate and productive workplace.

In essence, Rashmi’s approach underscores the contemporary leadership imperative of adaptability, agility, mental wellness and resilience. Leaders who embrace these qualities are not only better equipped to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of the modern world but also inspire their teams through their innovative and resilient leadership, thereby driving their organizations towards enduring success.

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    Arizona Association of Realtors
    Scott Drucker, General Counsel
    “Rashmi’s ‘Red Flags, Risks & Resilience’ presentation for our annual REALTOR® Professional Standards Workshop was excellent, both in content and speaker style. Her vulnerability and brutal honesty deeply resonated with our members and reinforced the important role ethics plays in their profession and everyday lives. “

    The National Society of Compliance Professionals
    Lisa Crossley, Executive Director
    “I have been meaning to write to you to say thank you!! NSCP Conference attendees LOVED your presentation! I received so many positive comments.

    Thank you again for participating in NSCP’s National Conference and making it a success!”

    Colorado Association of REALTORS®
    Scott A. Peterson, Esq.
    “Rashmi’s story is equal parts chilling and heart-warming. The lessons from her life experience weave together to form a cautionary tale for REALTORS® as they navigate professional ethics and responding to client demands in a transaction. In watching the room as Rashmi delivered her keynote, I have never seen a REALTOR® audience so transfixed on a speaker and her story. Her delivery is direct, touching, sad, funny and always brutally honest. Her candor and accountability were rewarded with an emotional standing ovation at the conclusion of her keynote.

    Trying to capture and engage busy REALTORS® with compelling professional ethics and risk management content can be difficult….particularly in a large conference setting. When it comes to delivering a lesson on those two subjects in a poignant and unforgettable presentation, Rashmi and her story cannot beat.

    Husch Blackwell
    Steve Dunn
    “I Haven’t met a more authentic person who was as vulnerable and honest keynote speaker as Rashmi Airan”

    Colorado Bar Association CLE Attendee
    James A. Martell
    “I attended the Real Estate Symposium in Vail the past 3 days and heard your talk. I thought it was amazing and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear you speak. It was, without a doubt, the best ethics session I have attended in my 40 years of CLE. I particularly liked your focus on our duty to the community and society as a whole. As you know ethics is all about our legal responsibility to follow very specific rules and that’s what most seminars talk about, the Rules of Professional Responsibility and examples of violations. But you went well beyond that which I appreciated very much.”

    University of North Texas
    Anika Khandoker
    “I just wanted to take the time and say thank you for speaking at UNT yesterday afternoon. When I came home, I could not stop talking about you and your presentation. I always really appreciate people who speak about the pressures of being a first generation American. Recently, there have been more and more people coming out of the woodwork and sharing their experiences, but when I was growing up, it was always so hard to get my friends to understand what I was going through. I think it’s incredible what you are doing with your life now after prison. Although I do not know you, I also wanted to say that how proud I am of you for overcoming this setback in your life. I watched some of your Ted Talk prior to yesterday’s lecture, and it is so impressive to see how far you have come as a public speaker. You carry yourself so confidently and elegantly. You are truly an inspiration. ”

    Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
    Wayne Cross, Director IT Security and Operations
    “Thank you so much for your inspirational talk today. It gave me a chance to reflect and think about life and family and we should always find time to think about this, you gave me that time. Your session was undoubtedly the best of the seminar.”

    Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, CEI
    Kyle Loven, JD, CCEP
    “I found your personal story to be compelling.  As I stated during your presentation, as a former FBI Special Agent I found it refreshing that you affirmatively took responsibility for your past actions.  It appears that too few people have what it takes to acknowledge their past mistakes and share the lessons they have learned from these mistakes with others.  You are to be commended for both acknowledging previous errors and for turning those errors into learning situations for others – this is a TRUE sign of integrity.  I wish that others would follow your example in this regard.”

    CPA Academy
    Scott Zarret, President
    “Rashmi Airan is a gifted and truly motivational speaker. She is knowledgeable, entertaining, compelling, interesting, brave, inspiring and knows how to keep the audience’s attention by creating a space for self-reflection. Rashmi is a master at using storytelling to share her relevant personal experiences that our members have told us they find extraordinarily valuable and often life-changing. We are grateful to Rashmi for presenting on our site. Her course should be a requirement for all accountants and lawyers to view.”
    Webinar Attendees – Lessons in Ethics and Compliance: Making the Right Choice

    “This was as powerful a discussion as I have ever participated in…..and my professional career spans 40 years! Rashmi is truly an inspiration.

    Irwin Leib, I. A. Leib Associates

    “One of the most interesting approaches to the subject of ethics I’ve ever been exposed to. Easily the most effective!”

    -Richard Wunderlich, Evergreen Financial Services, LLC


    Merrill Brook McCarty, Clarke Wayne Tax

    “I have been attending continuing professional education courses since 2000. Your presentation today was the best of the countless I’ve heard. I was so impressed with your openness and humility but also it was obvious how sharp you are. Even with the minimal amount of exposure one can get from a 2 hour presentation it was clear you are back on track and will have a successful life.”

    -Rob Kruse,

    University of Miami, School of Law
    Kendall Coffey, Adjunct Professor
    “I invited Ms. Airan-Pace to speak to my class in September 2016. The students in my class were fascinated by her story and cautionary tale. The class had one of the most attentive groups of students that I’ve had this year. I am confident that the discussion in class with Ms. Airan-Pace will be remembered by the students throughout their legal careers. Ms. Airan-Pace speaks from a place of remorse and truly has owned the wrong that she committed. I imagine that this is a very difficult subject for her to address because of her actions. However, she opens herself and shares her lessons for the benefit of others. I look forward to inviting her to speak again next year to my class.”

    Columbia University, School of Law
    John C. Coffee, Jr., Professor
    “Because Ms. Airan was only a few years older than the law students she spoke to and because she graduated near the top of her class, her impact on the students was powerful and immediate. She showed the students how involvement in fairly ministerial activities (house closings) could result in criminal liability. I think her presentation gave students an entirely unique, more nuanced and certainly more vivid sense of how seemingly normal professional practice can cross the line over into fraud. She made a very valuable contribution to the students’ education that others cannot duplicate.”

    Silent Victims of Crime
    Paulette Pfeiffer, Executive Director
    “I had the opportunity to invite Ms. Airan-Pace to a college class at Florida International University in September 2016. Speaking about your failures in front of complete strangers must be difficult. Rashmi is strong and dedicated to making an impact. She is a unique woman with the courage to talk about her shameful experience with openness with the sole purpose of helping guide people to make better choices than she did. Her only goal was to share her story with the students to guide them with her cautionary tale on how to live their lives making the right choices.”

    University of Miami, School of Law
    Michele DeStefano, Professor
    “I am a big believer that repeated exposure to the ethical contours of legal practice (rules, obligations, risks, and aspirations) yield a more careful and serious consideration of the vows we make when we enter the profession.  In sharing her story, Ms. Airan-Pace is helping make a difference and helping to favorably shift the ethics paradigm in the legal profession.”

    Choice Legal Group, P.A.
    Ari Miller, Managing Partner
    “What an amazing and incredible story.  I am so grateful for Rashmi sharing her story and life lessons with our attorneys.  I highly recommend every firm bring Rashmi in to help ensure young attorneys always ask the important and hard questions and put their careers and family first.  Thank you Rashmi for sharing your story with us.”

    Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP
    Scott L. Baena, Attorney at Law
    “Rashmi’s gripping presentation to more than 50 of our lawyers transformed the subject of professional responsibility from a textbook experience to a compelling human drama with real life consequences. It was eye opening and gut wrenching, and Rashmi’s willingness to share the lowest moment in her professional life and her take-aways was a real tribute to her character.”

    2017 MGM Women’s Leadership Conference Audience Testimonial
    Joi K. Holliday
    “I was approaching a point in my career, and personal life where the stress, desire, and need to come from under the weeds financially and stay afloat mentally began to trouble my mind. My job sent me to the MGM Women’s Leadership conference and I told myself before making any life changing moves I was going to allow strong women to mentor my spirit. I attended a session titled She Is Me in which one of the co facilitators was Rashmi Airan. Through her sincere desire to make sure women across the nation don’t make continuous ethics mistakes, my life took a 180 degree turn. She opened my eyes to be aware of the things that are bothering me internally as they can impact the decisions I make at work and ultimately change my life forever. I accept me as the woman I am because of her strength in sharing her story. I push through my hard times, I swarm every scene with questions, I never assume anything is beneath me, and I will forever accept any woman that comes across me because she is me! Rashmi’s articulation of her story became breath taking and life changing as I opened my heart to allow her to steer me back in the right direction. I can never forget her vulnerability and her encouragement of me to be vulnerable and still remain strong as a woman in the workplace. I thank you constantly for her courage, compassion, and determination to change the decisions women make in the workplace. Rashmi is me and I am her.”