October 28, 2020

Mindfulness and Ethics

Let’s talk about mindfulness and how it relates to ethics and leadership and how we live our life. I remember when my kids were little, I used to not be mindful. I was always worried about payroll and taking care of my staff, getting to the next client, and meeting my client’s demands, or trying to grow my business. Over time I learned the hard way that when you’re not paying attention to details, bad decisions can be made.

Even with parenting, when you’re not mindful, you miss these incredible moments with your children. Children recognize when you’re not paying attention to them.

In business, mindfulness matters. Every single decision that we make requires mental capacity, attention, our psyche is being affected. There are all these behavioral ethics components that affect the decisions we are making. If we are not being mindful of every decision no matter the consequences, then that mindfulness (or lack of it) can create big problems. Being mindful means that you’re paying attention, you’re taking time to pause, that you’re listening to your inner voice. Your inner voice keeps us in check and keeps us on the right side of that ethical line. If you’re not being mindful and you’re just “doing” to acheive goals, quotas, your boss’ needs, or your board of directors, bad decisions are going to happen.

You have to focus and really commit to being mindful. To commit that every decision you’re making is thought out. If you need to talk to someone to ask for help, then do that. Take the time to be mindful every step of the way, because then as a leader can lead effectively, lead by example, lead through your values, and it will have a huge effect on your team and organization and ultimately your ROI.

Make sure you’re mindful and it will pay off in a huge way for yourself and the business you work in.

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