CLE Courses (Continuing Legal Education)

A once prominent Miami attorney who graduated at the top of her class at Columbia Law School, Rashmi Airan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud, a federal crime. Rashmi now travels the country teaching the importance of making good ethical choices.  See our topics for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit below. 

Making The Right Choice; Lessons in Compliance and Ethics

This 2 hour ethics-driven class presents a case involving bank fraud charges. Rashmi was an emerging real estate attorney who ended up pleading guilty to a federal crime and suffered consequences due to large risks and failures by associating with people who were involved in financial mischief. This course will uncover the challenges that individuals face daily to walk the line of compliance and ethics in their personal and professional lives.

  • Understand the importance of professional skepticism
  • Understand different levels of “knowing” and how willful blindness can lead to corruption
  • Understand responsibilities of those involved in business/real estate/legal transactions
  • Understand the role of the client and lawyer
  • Understand the importance of trust and its role in enabling fraud
  • Understand the distractions that allow fraudulent schemes to occur
  • Understand the opportunities and environments that exist that allow fraud to occur despite existing controls
  • Understand how fraudsters use deception and separation to pFFer petrate their acts
  • Understand how fraudsters gain access to value and convert it into a personal monetary gain
  • Understand how to identify those who are potential enablers and detractors of fraud
  • Understand how to conduct adequate follow-up on important issues
  • Understand the behaviors surrounding fraudulent actions
  • Understand how to identify our ethical blind spots

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Choice Legal Group, P.A.
Ari Miller, Managing Partner
“What an amazing and incredible story.  I am so grateful for Rashmi sharing her story and life lessons with our attorneys.  I highly recommend every firm bring Rashmi in to help ensure young attorneys always ask the important and hard questions and put their careers and family first.  Thank you Rashmi for sharing your story with us.”

Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP
Scott L. Baena, Attorney at Law
“Rashmi’s gripping presentation to more than 50 of our lawyers transformed the subject of professional responsibility from a textbook experience to a compelling human drama with real life consequences. It was eye opening and gut wrenching, and Rashmi’s willingness to share the lowest moment in her professional life and her take-aways was a real tribute to her character.”