Ethical Decision-Making & Leadership

Rashmi is excited to share her life-changing story to illustrate the multitude of factors that influence our choices. Rashmi will set forth the business discipline necessary for decision-making and uncover the mental process of problem-solving that leads to organizational cultures with integrity. Come ready to be energized while Rashmi harnesses the power of being vulnerable and uniquely creates the safe space to have courageous conversations!

 Key takeaways:

  • Learn the principles of ethical leadership
  • Create a corporate culture of integrity and courage
  • Plan for reputational risk and implement accountability and authenticity
  • Create an active commitment to ethical decision-making
  • Create the safe space for vulnerable conversations at home and work

CLE Course – Making the Right Choice; Lessons in Compliance and Ethics

A once prominent Miami attorney who graduated at the top of her class at Columbia Law School, Rashmi Airan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud, a federal crime. Rashmi now travels the country teaching the importance of making good ethical choices.  This 2 hour ethics-driven class presents a case involving bank fraud charges. Rashmi was an emerging real estate attorney who ended up pleading guilty to a federal crime and suffered consequences due to large risks and failures by associating with people who were involved in financial mischief. This course will uncover the challenges that individuals face daily to walk the line of compliance and ethics in their personal and professional lives. This course is currently accredited by the Florida & Ohio Bar for 2 hours Ethics CLE credit.

Overcoming Adversity: Building the Core Skills Necessary

It has been an unexpected path and my journey has included its moments of a lot of fear and much shame.  I believe my ability to overcome this major life changing period in my life also rests in my decision to be vulnerable and look to the constellation of stars around me found in the people that unconditionally supported me. 

We often think that our lives are meant to go on a straight line that we set for ourselves and dreamt of as little children or even as young adults.  But, the universe and life have a way of mocking us and our goals.  Truly, our lives are meant to have many sidesteps, diagonal lines, downward spirals, and upward rocket launches as we meander our way through our windy path of life.  We will surely get thrown off our set path, but its how we mature, learn, and bounce back that is a true test of our grit, strength, tenacity, and willpower.  We can learn from our experiences and help others.  Our children will grow tough and ready to face their own challenges if we can hold our heads high and walk with confidence into any difficult situation knowing that we can handle it.  I certainly did not expect prison to be part of my life path, but it now is, all part of my shared experience from which I draw lessons, strength, and can help others.

Creating a Reputational Risk Strategy in a Risk-Informed Culture

Globally, corporate scandals have dominated the headlines and the strategy used to manage each crisis varies. As Warren Buffet’s famous words state “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” Whether it is potential employees or future clients and customers, a company must continually maintain a commitment to its brand and the risk to its reputation in the market. Rashmi extrapolates her own story and her decision to rise through the challenges she faced to explore how corporations can implement a reputation risk strategy focused on integrity and transparency. How can a company make choices that are risk-informed, incorporate a culture, and avoid disruptions? Rashmi will share her three-part process to help create a values-based approach to protect any organization from risk to its reputation.

Establishing Diversity and Inclusion through Ethics

A company’s culture, values, and ethics are vitally important and even more so in the current global climate. There is an innovative pledge being made in boardrooms and amongst leadership teams to establish a unique culture rooted in the principles of ethics and inclusion. The social discourse across all sectors has created pressure on all organizations—government, corporate, non-profit, and social service—to prioritize the mandate that is being made to be the preferred choice for socially conscious products and services. People are evaluating companies for who they are, not just what they offer.

The combination of D&I and ethics continues to shape business. Tying diversity and inclusion policies to ethics, social responsibility, and reputation can increase recruiting, retention, and stock price. And yet, an effective program emphasizes behavior, not just compliance. This workshop will establish core values, identify behaviors that persist in the workplace and deconstruct decisions that do not support with those principles. By examining blindspots and doing a comprehensive risk assessment, an organization can align with its organizational values going forward.

This workshop, upon request, can also review the requirements needed for the Diversity Disclosure Requirement increasingly being requested by regulators.

Understanding Biases and Behavioral Ethics Principles

I now understand that the psychological underpinnings of my bad decisions must be examined in order to learn and move forward. In this workshop, we will clearly identify and learn behavioral ethics principles and their impact on decisions that are made in every single moment. Furthermore, the biases that each individual brings to the workplace can significantly impact business objectives. Through the power of vulnerability and transparency, an organization can create the safe space to have courageous conversations to improve performance.

Building Emotional Intelligence

Rashmi will engage your organization with her powerful story where she actively chose to ascend. Every individual and organization must learn how to deal with struggles and disruptions. Learn how to “Impact up, Impact out, Impact in and Impact down” by implementing Rashmi’s techniques and mindsets throughout your organization. Learn how to harness the power within each person to catalyze growth and stability in any company. Rashmi will share her behavioral psychology and emotional intelligence methods to inspire the entire organization from leadership to front line team members.

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    Choice Legal Group, P.A.
    Ari Miller, Managing Partner
    “What an amazing and incredible story.  I am so grateful for Rashmi sharing her story and life lessons with our attorneys.  I highly recommend every firm bring Rashmi in to help ensure young attorneys always ask the important and hard questions and put their careers and family first.  Thank you Rashmi for sharing your story with us.”

    Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP
    Scott L. Baena, Attorney at Law
    “Rashmi’s gripping presentation to more than 50 of our lawyers transformed the subject of professional responsibility from a textbook experience to a compelling human drama with real life consequences. It was eye opening and gut wrenching, and Rashmi’s willingness to share the lowest moment in her professional life and her take-aways was a real tribute to her character.”