November 4, 2020

What is Accountability?

I want to talk about what is Accountability? I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion with a gentleman named Sam Silverstein at Converge forum. He was speaking on and has been speaking on for many years, accountability. I learned some interesting things. I pride myself on having had taken accountability at a difficult time in my life and owning up to decisions I made. I held myself responsible for those decisions.

Sam really defines accountability by saying there are 10 commitments to accountability.

10 Steps to Being Accountable

  1. Truth
  2. Values
  3. Commitment to all of us
  4. To lead people to their full potential
  5. Embrace faults and failures and successes
  6. Commit to have sound financial performance
  7. My word is my bond
  8. Stand strong by you when push comes to shove
  9. Commit to reputation
  10. Commit to having a safe space

What I learned about accountability is that we need to hold ourselves to commitments, hold ourselves to other people, to the relationships in our lives. What we do with the decisions we make, those are the things we are responsible for. I feel like I am responsible for my bad decisions. When we hold ourselves accountable, we hold oursevles accountable to the people in our lives, the relationships in our lives. Those who have supported you, believed in you, loved you, that are with you everyday through the good and the bad. When we think about accounability, i’ve evolved and grown in recognizing and understanding that accountably is holding ourselves to commitments to individual people.  Relationships are what it’s all about. We do what we do for our loved ones. Thank you so much Sam Silverstein for sharing.


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